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7th Degree Black Belt
Under Professor Robert J. Nohelty
Kenpo Karate
4th Generation Lineage Yamamura-ha of
20th Soke Kono Hyakuren of the Tanimura-ha
Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu Iaido
Rob Ohlinger
Studying Since 1982
Copyright 2011 Dojo On the Go, LLC. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2011 Dojo On the Go, LLC. All rights reserved.
Robert C. Ohlinger, Shichidan

  Rob began his martial arts training 33 years ago under the instruction of Senseis R. Hugh
McLaughlin, Endry R.Torres, and Steve Yianakopolos studying Shaolin Kenpo Karate. In 1993,
he continued his Kenpo training under the Masters Self Defense Organization under such
instructors as Master Joseph M. Mullaney and Sensei Natalie Allard.

  It was in the Masters program that Rob discovered his love of teaching martial arts. Since 1994,
he has trained students of all ages at studios in Manchester, Milford, Salem, Bedford and
Londonderry, New Hampshire. Deciding to take his own learning as a student a step further, Rob
sought out the teachings of Professor Robert J. Nohelty, Hachidan, in 2000 and continues to learn
from him to this day.

  In 1998, Rob took up the study of Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu Iaido sword to explore the spiritual side
of martial arts. For six years, he studied with the New England Iaido Kyokai. At the request of his
students and fellow instructors, he has been sharing his knowledge of Iaido through various seminars
in locations such as Hillsboro, Laconia, Weare, and Milford, New Hampshire. Rob strongly believes
that spiritual training is just as important as physical training in order to be a well-rounded individual
and martial artist.

  Dawn and Rob were fortunate in 2004 to start learning Tai Chi from Teacher Siu-Yin Mark. Rob
believes Teacher Siu's teachings of internal power help him better understand the internal workings
of all the martial art styles he studies.
Styles Studied: Kenpo Karate, Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu Iaido, Tai Chi, Hung Gar, Northern Shaolin Long Fist,
Northern Praying Mantis, Drunken Fist, Wushu Weapons, Kobudo Weapons, Shotokan Forms, Karazempo Forms.